Why Daru Sultan Hotels ?

Our aim is to carry the reputation of Turkey a step further. DaruSultan is one of our projects that brings this into action. We prepared one of the last two examples of Levantine Architecture that resides at the neck of world, Bosphorus; with its shoulder directed towards Galata and its face towards Haliç, for a life fit for the Sultans.

DaruSULTAN is a place where you will breathe in the world of a Sultan that steer the time at each floor, where incidents that run out of the 'chroniclers' and where the enigma of the Sultans is whispered. DaruSULTAN is a place where the staff of whom the love pours out of their looks, that host their guests in their hearts and that compete with splendor and magnificence vitalize.

We took our first step here in Galata. We invite you as guest for an experience, a story, a savor worthy of Sultans, 'to a friendship of which the sake will last for many forty years'.

Chairman of the Board